Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tom Brady on Models

This morning I was listening to Collin Cowherd on ESPN Radio and he mentioned a recent interview that New England Patriot QB Tom Brady did. In it, he talked about his tips for dating models, and essentially the goal is to create an imperfect or flawed date. If there is something wrong with the date then the girls wonder maybe what they did wrong or want to go out again to make it 'perfect'. I really don't have any source materials to cite for this one but I found it interesting. Tom Brady is a superstar and has dated several celebrities and models, including currently underwear model Giselle Bundchen.

He's good looking, have money, fame and status and thus has several key tools at his disposal. But his advice is solid nonetheless. It's about creating that slight cognitive dissonance...that issue with the date that makes the girl go "what, why is this time different". Perhaps it comes down to the idea of being mysterious. In any case, it was a pretty cool little tidbit about the well known QB that I think everyone could learn a little bit about human behavior from.

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