Tuesday, March 11, 2008

William Wesley

Basketball is my favorite sport and Truehoop is a blog that I follow pretty much religiously. I was looking through a list of categories from the blog and noticed a single man's name - William Wesley. Who is this guy and why does he deserve his own category?

As it turns out, "Worldwide Wes" is the best-connected and one of the most influential people in the sport of basketball within the United States. His name can be connected to a plethora of NBA players, up and coming prep stars, and icons from business and media (such as Phil Knight and Jay-Z). I have some theories about how he makes money, but I am still confused as it seems he does not work for players, shoe companies or agencies. He's so big in the industry because he knows everybody and doesn't ask anything back from the young players that he assists.

A writer over at GQ put together this very good article about Wes that I recommend reading. One thing I've found lacking is that no one ever seems to mention his extraordinary networking and social skills, but that is exactly what he has become a master in. Clearly, William Wesley is a very charismatic individual that I am interested in finding out more about.

It just goes to show you the power of people skills.

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