Sunday, March 23, 2008

Just Having Fun

So I've actually been fortunate enough to meet some very nice girls in the last couple of days. On Thursday I was at the bar and met a cute girl whom I chatted with, exchanged numbers and then later (and prying her away from my friends) we danced. It was good.

Last night, I met another really awesome girl. I was just playing beer pong with some friends and there was a really cute Asian girl there. We'd never met and in fact I still don't know what she was doing there. Regardless, I was just having a good time, sporting a pink shirt in a den of roughnecks. At one point she pretty much halted our beer pong game so that she could get my number. It was pretty obvious as the activity in the room focused on us changing numbers. Later, she told met that she had a boyfriend, but also that she wanted to hang out...mixed signals? You tell me.

Anyways, after talking with the first girl more, it seems like something could be there. Cute (enough), good personality, only snag is that she goes to school an hour away whereas the second girl (currently taken for) lives in town. Oh's been a while since I've been on the dating game, and this is a pretty nice way to get back there.

I guess the important thing is that in both cases, especially the second night, I had no intent of picking up a girl or hitting on anyone. I just was LOUD, fun, and that exuberance payed off. That was the charismatic energy that I was going for. Look at the results. I've had it before, I've had it again...try to make sure I can do it all the time, 24/7.

Happy Easter everyone...find a cute girl and ask her to hunt for eggs with ya!

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